Cities and Countries: news and gossips

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Cities and Countries: news and gossips

Latest news from Usa

Bros, Eichner, 42, will executive produce the movie and is co-writing the script with director Nicholas Stolle (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek). Judd Apatow will serve as producer.It was previously revealed that Luke Macfarlane will play Eichner’s love interest in Bros.
Bros is set to be the first gay romantic comedy released by a major studio, with Eichner making history as the first openly gay man to co-write and appear in one.

Latest news from Britain

Despite its second season only airing earlier this year, RuPaul's Drag Race UK is already back on our screens with a brand new cast of queens ready to compete for the crown. Every Thursday evening at 8pm on BBC3, a new episode will be available to stream as we all find out who head judge RuPaul Charles has chosen as the latest queen to sashay away.
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s first eliminated queen Anubis has spoken out after she became the second Brighton queen to be dropped from the show in the first week.The 19-year-old left viewers speechless on Thursday night when she debuted her Egyptian-inspired runway look as a loving nod to her family name.But after a challenging opening episode the, the eccentric queen was the first of the 12 contestants to be eliminated from the show after her favourite thing runway look failed to impress the judges.Now the star has addressed the elephant in the room as the second queen from Brighton dumped in the first week of series three, similar to that of her fellow colleague Joe Black.Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star and other publications, the

Latest news from state Texas

The 2021 Halloween Block Party, set for Saturday, Oct. 23, is being moved from the street in the 3900 block of Cedar Springs Road to the large parking lot behind S4, TMC, JR.’s and Sue Ellen’s, in that same block, “due to COVID concerns and city recommendations,” said a spokesperson for Caven Enterprises.
Tammye Nash | Managing Texas Latino Pride is back, bringing a “celebration of life, cultur

Latest news from state California

If you haven’t been to a Victorian murder mystery party lately, Jonathan Wysocki’s indie feature film debut Dramarama will transport you. Until now, the California writer, producer, and director was best known for his queer-themed, award-winning shorts A Doll’s Eyes and Adjust-a-Dream. Now that Dramarama is available on various video-on-demand platforms, Wysocki’s special genius undoubtedly […]
The state of California is set to ban the sexual practice known as “stealthing,” that is, secretly removing a condom during sex.MetroWeekly reports that the California state assembly already passed a bill to outlaw the practice earlier this month. Gov.

Latest news from Los Angeles

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